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Ybarra Olives
Ybarra, a leader in the Spanish food industry, with a proud heritage since its founding in 1842, is well-known for making quality olive oils. Ybarra olive products use the famous Manzanilla Sevillana olive, Ybarra Anchovy Olivesrenowned for its flavor, size and texture. They offer a wide range of quality stuffed olives, with anchovies, garlic, lemon, almonds, cheese, etc., and are the perfect snack to have on their own, or to make canapés, tapas, or to add to salads.This line of popular olives is now fully stocked at Paris-Madrid Grocery! Choose from whole olives with pits or without, anchovy stuffed, or pimenton stuffed. Buy them in single jars, or by the case and get a 10% discount.

TST Lemon Stuffed Olives $4.99
TST Lemon Stuffed OlivesSeattle’s favorite martini olives are now back in stock–the drought is over! Our customers tell us that these are the absolute BEST olives to have in a Martini, so you have to believe they are right–they buy them by the case!


Pochas Beans $6.99
From the Navarra and Basque region of Spain, these white beans, also known as Alubias Pochas, are soft and buttery. You will find these beans used in the popular Spanish dish, Pochas and Clams. Pochas also pair well with chorizo, pork, or on their own with a bit of olive oil and vinegar.Ferrer Products

Ferrer Gazpacho $9.99
Ferrer’s Gazpacho is made from ripe, quality vegetables to get the intense flavor of this traditional soup. Serve cold and garnish with thinly chopped onions, peppers, or cucumbers, and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.

Ferrer Fried Tomato $4.99
Tomate Frito is a versatile condiment used widely in Spanish cooking. It is commonly used as a base for pasta, paella, stews, couscous, pizza, or with meats. The uses for this tasty tomato sauce are virtually endless..

Ferrer Brava Sauce
Bravas sauce is one of the most well-known sauces in Spanish cuisine, and is used in the popular Spanish tapas, Patatas Bravas. Made from tomato, oil, almonds, vinegar, and spices, this sauce has a bit of heat Patatas Bravasto it and makes an excellent accompaniment to a range of tapas including chargrilled meats and BBQ.

Zergüt Dolma Stuffed Grape Leaves $3.99
One of life’s truly great culinary treats! Stuffed with a tantalizing mixture of rice, fresh dill, mint and lemon, stuffed grape leaves are truly satisfying as a healthy snack, added to salads, or as a side with a variety of Mediterranean-themed dishes. Our Zergüt Stuffed Grape Leaves come from Bulgaria, where they are known as dolma, and are considered a delicacy. You can enjoy them anytime, at home, or on the road, or at picnics!

Krinos Oil Cured Greek Olives $6.49
Unlike the more common variety of olive that is cured in a brine, oil-cured olives are basically, dry-cured olives that get macerated in oil for several months. The curing removes the bitterness and the resulting olive is shriveled and wrinkly and they sort of resemble small prunes. Because of this curing method, they don’t need to be stored in any sort of brine. Depending on the variety of oil-cured olive, the oil may be flavored with various herbs and spices. The most common oil-cured olive is the black Moroccan. They are meaty and are flavored with cumin, hot chiles, and sometimes citrus. Moroccan cooks typically use them in tagines, although they would also be great on a caramelized onion pizza, tossed in a salad with some endive, thinly sliced fennel and pears or just for snacking along with some almonds.They have an intense, concentrated flavor that is nutty, fruity and slightly bitter. In Tunisia, they bake them into flatbread–yum!