Rose Glass2017 Rosès from France and Spain are starting to arrive, and daffodils are blooming in front of the shop.   Technically it’s too early to declare that spring has arrived, but I sip a glass of rosé almost every night, and dream.   Stop in and stock up on some great new spring products!


andazul cheese

Andazul Blue Cheese – Produced with milk from the Payoya Goat, in Cadiz, Andalucia. Aged for 3 to 4 months and rubbed with olive oil, it has an incredible, creamy and fudgy texture.   With a mildly goaty flavor, it is delicately flavored and intriguing!  Melt on top of roasted potatoes and enjoy with a glass of Amontillado sherry.

PuigpedrosPuigpedrós – This colorful washed rind cheese is made in the mountainous Cerdanya region of Catalonia. Here, Cheesemaker Pere Pujol uses raw milk from his herd of 100 Friesian cows to produce this flavorful wheel. Smooth and supple, Puigpedros has intense earthy aromas.  Piquant and spicy with notes of roasted chestnut flavors round out to a creamy finish. Pair this robust cheese with Jamon and roasted nuts, or melt for a full-flavored grilled cheese.

pajarero figPajareros:   Pajarero Spanish Figs are thumbnail-sized with an intense, sweet flavor and soft texture.  Pair these with cheese, Marcona Almonds, and sweet Moscatel for a decadent and easy dessert.

Goularts LinguicaGoulart’s Linguiça:   Portuguese-style linguiça is back in stock.   Smoky, with chunks of meat, slice it, sauté and use in stews or soups.  Or throw it on the grill and serve over polenta with tomato sauce.

jamon serranoValue-priced Jamon Serrano from Redondo Iglesias.   Aged for 20 months in the mountains outside of Utiel-Requena near Valencia.   Earthy and distinctively nutty, with more intense flavor than prosciutto.   Great for sandwiches or on mixed charcuterie plates.   $27.99/lb

bag o'wine

SIX BOTTLE BAG O’ WINE –  For $48.50 including tax and 10% wine discount, get a reusable wine tote and 6 bottles of wine!   We offered a similar special over the holidays, but with new tasty seasonal bargains, we’ve changed the assortment of wines and lowered the price!   The  selection now contains:

  • French dry Chenin Blanc
  • French dry rosé
  • French Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Spanish Tempranillo
  • Portuguese Douro red blend and a
  • Spanish Tempranillo-Cabernet Sauvignon