ceramic cheese plateHappy Solstice!   Pick up a selection of our fantastic new cheeses that absolutely transform the flavor of light summer salads, sandwiches, and pizza.   Of course one can serve the cheese with crackers on a cheese board or on a gorgeous ceramic plate.   We’ve got cheese serving plates and knives in stock to make the cheese display even more appealing.

Santa Gadea goat cheeseSanta Gadea Organic Goat cheese, Spain, Red Label 
From a fully certified organic, self-sustaining farm with a zero waste circle, this delectable goat cheese is about a third of a pound and comes in its own wooden box.  With a bloomy rind, it is gooey, soft and creamy.  Dip Spanish picos in it to eat.  $10.49 each

Torta del Casar cheeseTorta del Casar, D.O.P. Trujillo, Spain – VEGETARIAN  This incredible cheese won 1st prize at the 2018 Feria Nacional del Queso in Spain, and tasting is believing!   Made with raw sheeps milk and vegetable rennet, this cheese is traditionally served by thinly slicing off the top and spooning out the almost-runny interior.  Extraordinary flavors of sweet milk, hints of pasture, and a touch of bitterness from the vegetable rennet.  Very low saltiness.   Sold as whole wheel only, 1.79 pounds, $46.52.    A cheese lover’s delight, serve this at a special dinner party.

Beira, Azores Islands – A tangy cow milk cheese with peppery undertones.  Sliceable, flavorful and versatile, it can be grated and used in a mushroom risotto.    $19.99 per pound

Arpea de BrebisArpea de Brebis:  We have carried this cheese in the past, but this week’s arrival brought the freshest wheels we’ve ever received.  Made of pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese from the French Basque region, it is matured for only two weeks.    With a thin, crunchy, brine-washed rind, the interior is creamy soft, with a buttery flavor with hints of grass and nuts.   $23.99 per pound.

Omorro Amanteigado CheeseOmorro Amanteigado is back in stock – VEGETARIAN    A torta-style cheese from Portugal’s Azores islands, similiar to Torta del Casar, except this is made from cow milk.  Serve this as a centerpiece for sharing.  Intensely creamy and unctuous with a flavorful tang, this cow’s milk cheese is made with vegetable rennet.   Soft and spreadable with a  vegetal hint, it is served by slicing off the top and dipping a spreader into the center.    $23.99, whole wheels only, approximately 1 pound.

Ihla Azul with Paprika NEW -A cow’s milk cheese made on the island of Faial, in the Azores.  With a soft, creamy texture and a buttery, slightly piquant note from the Paprika coating, this makes an excellent melted cheese sandwich.  $14.99 per pound.

serra da vila cheeseSerra da Vila NEW – A blended cheese made of goat, cow and sheep’s milk cheese.  Produced in Torres Vedras, close to Lisbon, it offers up a chalky-creamy texture.   Mild to medium in intensity with milky and cheddar-like flavors and a soft texture.   $14.49 for approximately 8 oz wheels.   Excellent on pizza or pasta.

sao jorge cheeseSao Jorge – A signature classic queijo from the Azores, made of cow’s milk, aged 4 months.  A true meadow cheese, the flavor is intense, cheddar-esque, rustic and sliceable.  Pairs perfectly with Linguica!  $17.99 per pound.

sao miguel cheeseSao Miguel – DOP Azores certified, aged 9 months.  A cows milk cheese akin to a quality Parmesan that gets better with more aging.  Intense and a bit   spicy, it has a smooth and soft texture.  Great in pasta dishes, in an omelette or with a glass of port.   $18.99 per pound.


Reverdy Sancerre roseHippolyte Reverdy Sancerre Rose 2017 ($27.99) LIMITED – Only 14 cases arrived for the entire state of Washington; we have 10 bottles available.  Hippolyte Reverdy was founded around 1600 and has become a benchmark Sancerre producer of both blanc and rouge wines.  They also make a small amount of this terrific rosé which blew me away with last night’s shrimp and tuna recipes. Reverdy rosé is made from a 3-hectare plot of 30-year-old Pinot Noir grapes and is a delicate and layered pink wine offering precision and verve.   Fresh and bright on the palate, this stellar rosé is an absolute treat.   Enjoy it with Arpea de Brebis cheese.

Quinta do Pinto redQuinta do Pinto, Estate Collection 2013, Lisboa ($15.99)   This tasty red wine is a blend of three Portuguese varietals (Touriga Nacional, Aragones, Tinta Miuda) with a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.   Fermented with natural yeast in concrete tanks, then aged 9 months in French oak.   Full-bodied, elegant and bright, it displays freshness and aromas of ripe fruit.   Generous on the palate with hints of earth and a touch of oak, it is balanced by black fruit, lift, and a smooth texture.   Excellent with Beira cheese or grilled meat.