pallet of Ybarra productsYbarra Piquillo stuffed olives & tapenadeA pallet of deliciousness arrived today, including Ybarra piquillo stuffed manzanilla olives and Ybarra plain, pitted manzanilla olives.  And if that wasn’t enough, we have some new products as well:

Ferrer Black Olive Tapenade and Dip.  A mix of black olives and olive oil into which raw vegetables or crackers can be dipped and savored.  Use this uber-healthy mixture on grilled asparagus, sandwiches, or spread on a lamb burger.  For even more flavor, blend the mixture in a food processor with anchovies, capers and garlic to taste, and serve as described.

Ortiz tuna in jarOrtiz tuna in a jar: Conservas Ortiz is one of the top producers of preserved seafood, and their jarred tuna delivers incredible clean and sweet flavors.  The tuna are individually line caught and artisanally processed.  White tuna (Bonito del Norte) in olive oil is superb in salads, stuffed into Piquillo Peppers or tossed in a pasta sauce. Reserva de Familia is a selection of the best filets of Bonito del Norte which has been matured to perfection. (Tuna can be aged like a great wine and it develops more complexity with time in the jar).   When we visited the Txakoli producer Txomin Etxaniz near San Sebastian a few years ago, the winemaker paired his Txakoli wine with an exquisite jarred tuna topped with grated sweet onion, served with bread.   It was a phenomenal flavor explosion.

Pirouline wafersPirouline dark chocolate wafers – The traditional wafers served with a bowl of ice cream.   Are there any kid’s parties on the horizon?  Stock up – both adults and children adore them!

Piquillo Peppers from Cucina & Amore are back in stock, just in time for July 4th paellas.   They are a great value!   7.9 oz. jars are $5.99 and 14.5 oz jars are $7.49.

Maria CookiesCuetara brand Maria crackers are back in stock.  Eat them as a snack or with afternoon coffee and tea.

Sarta Chorizo & CheeseWe received a fresh shipment of Spanish cheeses and embutidos on Friday, including Bilbao Chorizo, Chistorra, Morcilla de Arroz and Morcilla de Cebolla.   We’ve got pre-sliced Jamon Serrano and Jamon Iberico packaged and ready to transport.  jamon serrano We also have whole legs from which we slice to order.    If you’d like your very own whole boneless leg of Jamon Serrano or Jamon Iberico, they are now in stock.   Imagine walking over to a leg of Jamon in the kitchen and slicing some off whenever the mood strikes!