Concurso de PaellasThis Sunday, August 19 from noon to 3 pm is the annual Concurso de Paellas, organized by SAPN (Spain Association of the Pacific Northwest).  You may enter the contest and cook a paella (prizes awarded for best paella) or simply watch the action and taste the paellas.   To taste the paellas, you may purchase tickets here by Friday, August 17.   Or to enter the contest and cook a paella, send an email to   The family-friendly event will be on Mercer Island at Luther Burbank Park with plenty of room for kids to run and play.  We’ll be there, defending our title from a few years ago when we won “Best Paella”.    We hope to see you there!

New Products:  
morcilla and boudin noirDespaña brand Morcilla is made in New York with a recipe containing onions, nutmeg and spices. Grill this up as part of an Argentinean parrillada (mixed meat grill), or just enjoy it on a baguette.  We now carry four styles of Spanish morcilla, as well as French-style boudin blanc and boudin noir, so we’ve got your blood sausage needs covered!    Our meat case also has additional Despaña products in it, including really great Chorizo and Chistorra.

Mini mahon pdoDalrit Mercadal Individual Mahon Cheese  “Añejo Reserva”  PDO  Dalrit/Mercadal has been curing and aging cheeses on the island of Menorca since 1915. This special Anejo Reserva Mahon is made of pasteurized cow’s milk and slowly aged.  Dry and firm-textured, to serve it the top is cut away and the inside is carved out with a special curd knife which is included.  Then eat the delicious cheese flakes as is, or use them in pasta dishes or salads.   The cheese has received protected D.O. status from the island of Menorca.    Similar to Parmesan, with intense, complex and nutty flavors, it has a slightly sweet and spicy finish, delicious with dried fruits or nuts.

Individual cheeses now in stock:
la retortaFinca Pascuelete La Retorta 4.9 ounces  Vegetarian Made of unpasteurized sheeps milk, produced with thistle rennet and salt.  This is one of the glorious soft cheeses where the top is cut off and the interior is eaten with a spoon or spread on toasted bread.  Flavors of a field due to its vegetable rennet, and it has a very creamy texture, almost liquid, the result of a daily and continuous care.  It melts deliciously on the palate.  Awarded World’s Best Spanish Cheese, 2017-2018.

maese miguel mini manchegoMaese Miguel 3 month aged Manchego, approximately 1 pound wheels   There is something special about having a whole wheel of cheese and these mini-Manchegos are the perfect size for a party or for a family to slice at will.   The flavor of a newly cut wheel of cheese just can’t be beat!    Fresh and clean, this 3 month aged Manchego has nutty, creamy and flavorful notes.  Excellent on sandwiches or a cheese plate.

Cinco Jotas Iberico5 J Iberico de Bellota is back in stock.  5 J (Cinco Jotas) raises Pata Negra pigs in Extremadura and was the first jamon producer in Spain to feed acorns to their herd.  The results were astounding, sealing their reputation for producing jamon iberico de bellota with incredible flavor.  Pre-sliced and packaged for easy transport.

LAN Crianza Rioja 2014 ($11.99)    We’ve carried LAN Riojas since the inception of The Spanish Table, as their wines are dependably tasty and value-priced.  But we had a bottle of the 2014 LAN Crianza the other night, and wow!    This is one of the best LAN Crianzas in memory.    It shows great balance with medium body, a touch of spice and beautifully ripened fruit.   It’s a dry red wine and is very food friendly.    Stock up on this before the vintage sells out!

Lan Crianza & Torre OriaTorre Oria Gran Reserva 2010, Valencia ($9.99)   A Gran Reserva for $9.99? It’s true, and this is another tasty wine, worth buying by the case.  70% Tempranillo, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, aged in oak for 24 months and in the bottle for 36 months before release. Shows bright cherry fruit with silky tannins.  Offers up notes of dried leaves, dusty hints, and medium body.   Incredible value from a great vintage in Spain.

RIP Joël Robuchon, the revolutionary French chef who passed away on Monday at age 73. Robuchon, while earning a record number of Michelin stars, was renown for the intense flavors and gorgeous presentation of his foods. While we don’t often dine at Michelin-star restaurants, we are all about high-quality foods with amazing flavors that transform a dining experience. We appreciate his dedication to pure flavor with a minimum of ingredients.