Chabert-et-Guillot-NougatWe received so many new products this week that we don’t have enough space here to talk about them all!   Some of the highlights include new savory spreads, walnut vinegar, specialty tinned sardines and salts to refresh your pantry.   We have tempting new sweets, including Spanish turron, (French nougat is back in stock!), galettes, jams and honeys.  We brought in gorgeous French tea towels, soaps and chocolate caramels in a decorative Eiffel tin, all of which make great gifts for someone special.   Stop in and peruse!

Pommery Mustard de MeauxPommery Mustard from Meaux is back in stock.  Whole grain mustard from Meaux has been served at the tables of French kings since 1632. Brillat-Savarin said “If it isn’t Meaux, it isn’t mustard.”

Prunes in ArmagnacPrunes in Armagnac – A classic of southwest France.  Distillerie du Périgord is a branch of the Distillerie Lapouge, which was founded in 1860.  Made with simple, all natural ingredients: Prunes, Armagnac, sugar, water.   Use in souffles or tarts, serve with pan roasted pork, or add to poultry stuffings.

Doña Jimenez Extra Quality Turron:  Customers are already asking for Spanish turron, the traditional holiday sweet made with almonds and honey. Introduced by the Moors in the Middle Ages, it uses Marcona Almonds and honey to make a nougat candy reminiscent of Halvah.  Doña Jimenez, located in Jaen and Jijona in Spain has been producing turron since 1961.   Traditional flavors and high-quality ingredients make this brand a favorite in Spain.   Choose from Turron Duro (brittle), Turron Blando (soft) and Torta de Turron Duro (a beautiful round cake-shaped brittle).

Torchons & Buchons Pastis Tea TowelFrench Tea Towels – 100% cotton towels made in France, these 19″ x 28.5″ towels would be trés chic if used as a small tablecloth on a metal bistro table.   But, the retro patterns and colors are so gorgeous, you may not want to cover them up!   Printed with eco-friendly water based ink.  Four styles:  Fromages France, La Moutarde Dijon, Pastis Marseille, Olive Oil.

Two new tinned sardines:    Porthos Sardines in Brine – These exceptional Portuguese Sardines are preserved in brine, rather than olive oil.   Lower in calories for those trying to eat a reduced fat diet.
Connétable Sardines millésimées 2014 in olive oil – Based in Douarnenez, at the western tip of Brittany, Connétable is the oldest sardine conservency in the world. Since 1853, it has sought to match fine and varied recipes with the best sardines, fished at the moment of the season when they have achieved a level of fat that assures a tender and tasty flesh.   In years when the water is especially cold the sardines develop extra fat, enabling them to last longer in the tin, and to develop more nuanced flavor as they age.

L'Epicurien shallot confitL’Epicurien Shallots Confit – From France with 74% Shallots, spices, vinegar, wine, oil, and cane sugar with no preservatives or additives.   Uniquely savory and sweet, this confit is fantastic on a sandwich or burger, or when it is used as a sauce for red meat.

See you soon at the shop!   ~ Sharon