Glass of sparkling wineTaste sparkling wines this Saturday.    Stop in at Paris-Madrid Grocery between 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday, December 29) and taste different styles of bubbles.  We’ll be tasting a French Champagne, a Blanquette de Limoux from the Languedoc, and a Spanish Cava.   Taste and pick out a favorite for New Years Eve festivities or other occasions.    We’re also here to help select between other styles of wines, ports or sherry.

Jamon Iberico on standSALE – Bone-in whole leg of 100% Iberico de Bellota  (18.78 lbs) $989.00.  Regular price $1130.00.  Jamon doesn’t get any better than this top of the line free-run, 100% Pata Negra pig that has been fed a diet of acorns.  Treat yourself or gather a group of friends to share the cost of this incredible treat.  It can be the star centerpiece of any New Year’s party, large family reunion or corporate event.  And, it doesn’t have to be eaten all at once; store the leg in a cool place with a slice of the rind over the cut side, and cover with a towel to keep in moisture.     It will keep for 4-6 weeks if stored properly, although it probably won’t last that long.

Elise Duck Foie GrasLes Champs d’Élisés Canadian Foie Gras – The founders of Aux Champs d’Elise have been refining their production methods for duck foie gras since 1988.  They spent six years researching and visiting French foie producers before starting the company in 1994.  Their goal: to replicate the indulgent richness and terroir of a French countryside foie. Their ducks are fed a strict diet of corn, with no antibiotics, hormones, or animal byproducts. Over years of experience and commitment to quality, Aux Champs d’Elise has become one of the largest foie gras suppliers in Canada!   (Unfortunately, foie from New York’s Hudson Valley is temporarily not available due to packaging issues).

No matter your plans for New Years, you have to eat.   Here are two easy holiday Spanish tapas recipes from our cooking class last November.

piquillos stuffed with mackerelPiquillo Peppers stuffed with mackerel salad   Makes 12 tapas:

1 can                                      Piquillo Peppers, drained

2 – 4 oz cans       Albo brand Mackerel Bonito tuna packed in Olive Oil (250 grams), drained
12                                 Lemon stuffed olives, chopped
4 Tablespoons     Capers
½ teaspoon             Sherry Vinegar
⅓ cup                        Mayonnaise
1 bunch                      Chives

Mix the stuffing ingredients together:     Drain the piquillo peppers, then holding them point down in the circle formed with your thumb and forefinger, use a small spoon to fill them with the stuffing mixture.   With kitchen shears, snip the chives into small pieces and use to garnish the top of the stuffed peppers.   Variation:   For extra depth, substitute anchovy-filled olives for the lemon-stuffed olives.

Montadito with Sobrasada sausage, goat cheese, and honey    Serves 12

12 slices of baguette
12 slices of sobrasada (appx 8 oz)
12 slices of Caña de Cabra goat cheese (appx 8 oz)
12 slices of fresh pear (optional)
1 teaspoon of honey

Toast the baguette slices, then lay a piece of sobrasada on each one.  Heat under the broiler until the sobrasada begins to melt (3-5 minutes).  Remove from broiler and put the slices of goat cheese and pear on top.   Drizzle a bit of Spanish honey over the top.

Best wishes for a happy New Year!   We enjoy helping you plan meals and choose beverages.   Thank you for being our customer.