Hito RosadoJoin us this Saturday, May 4 between 2:00-4:00 p.m. for a rosé tasting. The weather will be glorious and we’ll be pouring samples of French and Spanish dry rosados.  Come by to taste and put together a case of these refreshing pink wines to enjoy during the summer-like weather!
Mexican and New Mexico chile saucesSunday, May 5 is Cinco de Mayo, the day the Mexican Army triumphed over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862.  Celebrated more in the U.S. than in Mexico, it’s simply a great excuse to have a Mexican-theme party!   Our selection of black, red, or Cascabel moles, green and red chile sauces and pickled cactus will provide incredible flavors to a Cinco de Mayo menu.    See the recipe below for duck breast tacos.

Fermin Iberico sobrasada New!  Fermín Ibérico Spreadable Sobrasada. Combining the intense flavor and buttery texture of Ibérico pork with paprika and garlic, Fermín has created a fabulous semi-soft pork sausage.  Made from the grain-fed Spanish Ibérico breed of pig, it is gluten and lactose-free.  To serve, heat the sobrasada in the microwave for 20 seconds while toasting bread, then spread on toast and serve.  Take it up a notch by topping the pork-laden toast with fresh goat cheese (see our new Spanish goat cheese below), and then drizzle Spanish honey over it.

New Spanish Cheeses Now our deli case:
Moli de Ger Altejo cheeseMolí de Ger Altejó raw cow milk cheese from Cataluyna.  A cooked-paste cheese with a natural rind.  The rind is fragrant, with notes of mushroom and undergrowth, and the paste inside is sweet, slightly elastic and has an earthy finish.   A true farmhouse cheese, Molí de Ger raises the cows and makes the cheese themselves in La Cerdanya, a region known for its lush vegetation.   Excellent with a fruity jam such as La Tejea Green Plum Claudia Preserves.
Cabra al Vino cheeseCabra al Vino, pasteurized goat milk cheese from La Mancha.  Similar to the well-known Drunken Goat cheese, we loved the toothsome texture and fresh flavor of this new cheese.   Wheels of Cabra al Vino are submerged in La Mancha red wine for 24-72 hours, then cured for at least 30 days.  It has a semisoft texture that melts in the mouth, a pleasant and fruity aroma, and a lingering flavor of hazelnut.  With its violet-stained rind, Cabra al Vino makes a beautiful and delicious statement on a cheese plate!
Santa Gadea fresh goat cheese in thymeSanta Gadea fresh goat cheese marinated in olive oil and thyme.   From the only farm in Europe that is 100% organic and 100% sustainable, Santa Gadea’s respect for their goats and their land creates a fresh goat cheese unlike any other.  These small squares are buttery smooth with the perfect balance of salt, creaminess and tang.  The fragrant thyme and olive oil compliment the delicate natural flavor of the goat cheese (serve at room temperature to allow the flavors to meld).  A beautiful choice for salads, or on pizza, it is a must-try for lovers of goat cheese!

La Tejea plum-claudia-jamLa Tejea Green Plum Claudia Preserves.  Green on the outside, greenish yellow on the inside, Claudia plums have a sweet and delicate taste. Fragrant and rich with a note of honey, the consistency allows it to be drizzled over croissants, toast or fresh cheeses.  La Tejea is an artisanal Spanish producer of jams and sauces, made without preservatives or colorants.

Magret du Canard - Seared Duck BreastEasy Duck Breast Tacos
Use the juicy and flavorful Élisé Moulard duck breast (available from the freezer case at Paris Madrid Grocery) and prepare like a steak, with a seared crust and medium-rare interior. Each breast is approximately one pound, enough to serve two people.   Add a package of mole or chile sauce and dinner’s almost ready!   Choose from smoky, nutty San Angel Cascabel mole, savory Juquilita brand red or black mole made in Oaxaca, Mexico or a New Mexican red or green chile sauce, all available from Paris Madrid Grocery.  Pick up fresh tortillas, cilantro, avocados or sour cream as desired from the market to add texture and extra deliciousness.

Thaw the duck breast overnight in the refrigerator, then prepare the duck following the pan searing instructions on the package.
Heat the mole (dilute if package instructs) or warm the New Mexican chile sauce.
When duck breast is cooked, thinly slice it and serve on a platter with tortillas, cilantro sprigs, and sliced avocados.
Put the warm mole or chile sauce in a serving bowl.  Prepare your own taco to taste, with a selection of ingredients and pass the sour cream.

Moulard duck is sometimes called “the other red meat.”      A hybrid offspring of Pekin and Muscovy ducks, Moulards have a thick fat cover and larger cuts compared to Pekin.   Moulard ducks are sometimes called Magret. In French, this term refers only to the breasts (more specifically, breasts from Moulard ducks raised specifically for foie gras production).  Élisé Moulard ducks are humanely raised in Quebec, Canada.   The farmer-owners spent time in France learning the traditional way of feeding ducks to produce foie and use all-natural vegetarian feed and no antibiotics or hormones.   These breasts are from the same Moulard ducks raised for foie gras.