Red pantry itemsWe have loads of new and old favorites back in stock and we are here to take your holiday gatherings to the next level.  After all, it’s November already!   With two pallets of French, Spanish and Portuguese products arriving in the last week, we have so much deliciousness to share.   See below for details on our new arrivals.  And we can now take your turkey pre-orders for one of the best tasting gobbler that you will ever eat.   Choose between natural, free range, hormone free or GMO free… see all of the choices below.

Blandys & Cossart Gordon madeirasWe’re kicking off the holiday season with a free Madeira wine tasting this Saturday, November 9 from 2-4 p.m.  Stop in at Paris-Madrid Grocery to meet Jud Carroll, NW Regional Manager of Premium Port Wines, importer of Blandy’s and Leacock’s Madeiras.   Jud will explain the differences between varietals and styles of Madeira, which range from dry to sweet.   Madeiras are incredibly versatile; they can be served as an aperitif, with dessert, or used in cooking.   Come in to taste and learn more about this sensational fortified wine!

turkyWe are now taking orders for fresh, hormone-free, premium turkeys.  Don’t wait as the most popular sizes sell out early.  These birds are the best you’ll ever eat, delivering an incredible depth of rich flavor and moistness.
Diestel Free-Range Turkey $4.19/lb, 10-16 lbs
(antibiotic free, hormone free, gluten free, California raised.)
Mary’s Non-GMO, Free Range Turkey $3.79/lb, 12-24 lbs
(antibiotic free, hormone free, gluten free, California raised.)
Northwest Natural Whole Turkey $2.84/lb, 10-14 lbs
(these are natural but NOT free range. Hormone Free, gluten free, Minnesota-raised)
Premium Specialty Free-Range Turkey $3.39/lb, 10-24 lbs
(free range, hormone free, Gluten Free, Minnesota raised)
To order, you may call the shop at 206.682.0679 or reply to this e-mail with your order (we’ll need the size and type of turkey), your contact information, the date you’d like to pick it up and credit card information to confirm your order.

New products yellowNew arrivals and popular items back in stock:
Spanish Table brand Lemon stuffed olives
Portuguese Piri Piri sauce; Saloio EVOO in 16 oz tins; Ready-to-eat Lupini Beans, tinned cod, sardines and squid
Baby artichokes in brine.  Use in paella, salads or in pasta dishes.
Artichoke and Piquillo Pepper bruschetta.   An easy tapas for parties!
Ajvar – serve this pepper and eggplant sauce with grilled vegetables or use it in place of tomato sauce in eggplant parmigiana.
Anis de Flavigny pastilles in rose, violet, black currant, orange and anis.
Abtey Advent calendarAbtey Chocolatier Advent calendar – A French liqueur-filled chocolate is behind each door.
Amora mustard in 5.3 oz and 15.5 oz jars
Treblec Buckwheat FlourCalissons – a Provençal candy of candied melon, ground almonds and royal icing.
Pommery mustard from Meaux in 8.8 oz and 17.6 oz
Francine wheat flour and Trebleq Buckwheat flour for crepes
Rougié Duck confit, 4 legs in 1.5 kg. can
Le Saunier Fleur de sel de Camargue

Cookies:  Lady fingers, Palmiers, Gavottes, Galets, Shortbread, Salted caramel Galettes

Alma de TrabancoQuinquina en Rama Alma de Trabanco vermouth:  This is the first quinquina made with unfiltered cider rather than wine and Alma de Trabanco is a sensational one-of-a-kind aperitif.  With flavors of apple pie, cinnamon, quinine, baking spices, and botanicals including wormwood, savory, gentian and artemisia, it has notes of orange peel and cherry.  Slightly sweet, it can be poured over an ice cube and served with a slice of apple.  Or pour it over ice cream for a wonderful dessert.

A 2018 study revealed that 86% of parents have stolen some of their kids’ Halloween candy. We were surprised that the number wasn’t even higher! What’s more, the average parent who raids their kid’s stash eats about a QUARTER of it. Since we’re the adults, that means we also have the privilege of being able to pair their hard-earned candy with amazing wines. But which ones? Fortunately, there is no wrong answer but here are some suggestions from our collection:

Skittles & Henry Varnay Rose Sec Sparking ($13.99) – Cherry and wild strawberry flavors accompanied by the bright sweetness of this wine will accentuate the fruity and tart nuances of each taste of the rainbow!

Saltwater taffy & Rezabal Txakoli ($14.99) – Bubbles and salty foods were meant to be together. Try this lighter version where the subtle flavors of the taffy are sure to be enhanced by the effervescence of the wine. Not to mention, the acid in the wine will help digest the dense taffy so you can eat even more without feeling bad!

KitKat & Domaine de Valmoissino Pinot Noir ($13.99) – This subtle yet flavorful red wine with notes of ripe fruit and cocoa will pair nicely with the mellow milk chocolate and lightly sweet wafers of a KitKat. Make the most of your break with this combo while the kids are fast asleep.

Hershey’s Bar & Andes Plateau Cota 500 ($15.99) – Chocolate and Cabernet Sauvignon is a no-brainer. No need to complicate this matter. Reach for a glass of this classic wine to go with America’s favorite chocolate bar and enjoy as the smile spreads across your face.

Chocolate peanut butter cups & Kopke Fine Tawny Port ($10.99/375 ml, $17.99/750 ml) – In our humble opinion, and technically the rest of the US, peanut butter cups are the #1 candy! Rich chocolate and savory peanut butter need an equally luxurious wine. The chocolate and caramel notes of the port are sure to combine with the peanut butter cup for the ultimate Halloween candy and wine pairing experience. You’ll be sure to tell your kids “Not sorry!” when they ask where their candy went.