Curbside pickup zoneParis-Madrid Grocery remains open regular hours, 7 days per week for in-person shopping. Our hours are Monday-Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM and Sundays, 11 AM – 5 PM.  If shopping inside the store, please wear a mask as per the recent state mandate to minimize the spread of Covid-19.    If you don’t have a mask, we have some available at the check out counter, along with complimentary vinyl gloves and hand sanitizer.  The City of Seattle will begin charging for parking again beginning July 13, but it’s thankfully only $.50 per hour.  Our designated 15-minute free pickup and load zone in front of our store is still in effect to assist in quick stops and on-line order curbside pick ups.  To place an online order, visit and from the home page, click on the orange Order & Pick Up button.  A product list will pop up and you can place an order and designate a pickup day and time.  We will call you for credit card details when we receive the order and you’re set!     Read here for the latest details on parking in Seattle.

padron pepperPadrón peppers are now in stock, supply limited:  These first of the season peppers are less spicy than what will be available later.   Supply is limited, as this cool summer delayed the crop, but more will be coming in as time goes on.  To serve, sauté the peppers in olive oil, turning until blistered on all sides.  Remove from heat, sprinkle with sea salt and serve!

olasagasti anchovies on toastNEW! Olasagasti Tinned Seafood:  Olasagasti is located in the Basque region of Spain and has been in business since 1929, preparing seafood using traditional Spanish methods.   We’ve brought in two delicious new products; they are so good you’ll see more of this brand on our shelves in the future!
Anchovies a la Basque- Sweet and mild with a bit of crunch, these medium-sized anchovies are ready to eat right out of the tin. Unlike the vinegar-marinated white “boquerone” style of anchovies, these anchovies are fried in olive oil “a la Donostiarra” with garlic and cayenne pepper.    Serve these fantastic anchovies in salads, on toasted baguette, or with a toothpick.
Cantabrian Sea Paté –  I often spread anchovy paste and butter on salmon before baking it.  The anchovy paste heightens the flavor of the salmon without lending a fishy flavor.  This sea paté is 56% Tuna, 21% olive oil, and 10% Cantabrian anchovies.  Spread on Divina mini toast and serve with a glass of Manzanilla sherry for a great picnic snack.

Cacao-Sampaka-Dark-Chocolate-Pumpkin-Seed-GaudiCacao Sampaka chocolate bars – Barcelona’s premium chocolate company makes an extensive assortment of single-origin chocolates and bars with exquisite accent flavors, in packaging inspired by famed architect Antoni Gaudi.  We now have two new Cacao Sampaka bars:  43% chocolate bars with crunchy pumpkin seeds and 44% chocolate with toasty pistachio nuts.

doucet-pate-de-fruitFrench Pate de Fruits from Doucet – These intensely flavored fruit bars are a super way to take your fruit with you. Each of these superb, individually-packaged bars of sugar-dusted pâtes de fruits—the quintessential French fruit jelly—are soft, exquisite, and bright with fruit flavor.  Made by family-run confiseur F. Doucet in Le Val de Durance, Provence, they come in four flavors (apricot, pear, raspberry, and blueberry) and are made with a whopping 51% fruit.  That’s about as wholesome as candy gets!

Hot weather wines:  Sizzling weather is in the forecast for the next week.   Pick up an assortment of these wines to serve around the barbeque, or with paella.
Jane Ventura rosadoJane Ventura Rosé 2019, Penedes  ($14.99)  This delightful rosado is made from the Sumoll grape, a native grape from this region of Catalonia.   Light on the palate, with delicate notes of melon and wild strawberry, it is a pleasure to drink.   With a bright and refreshing mouthfeel and balanced acidity, it is excellent with cheese, potato chips, or paella.

Rezebal TxakoliRezebal Txakoli Blanco ($14.99)  Txakoli is a low-alcohol wine from Spain’s Basque country.  With a characteristic bit of spritz, notes of green apple, and clocking in at about 11% alcohol, Rezebal is featherweight on the palate and downright fun to drink.  Txakoli is served widely in San Sebastian bars with everything from seafood pintxos to chorizo.

Adega de MoncaoAdega de Monção Escolha Vinho Verde 2018 ($9.99)  50% Alvarinho (the Portuguese name for Albarino) and 50% Trajadura grapes.  This white wine is made in the vinho verde region of Portugal, but made in a classic white wine style without CO2 added to make it spritz.  Very much a step-up from a typical vinho verde, it is still easy to drink and enjoy, especially with it’s lower alcohol content of 12%.  Very dry, it offers up citrus notes and marked minerality.  Shows bright acidity, savory hints and is easy on the wallet.  A perfect hot weather wine!