Open SignParis-Madrid Grocery remains open regular hours, 7 days per week for in-person, socially distanced shopping.  Our hours are Monday-Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM and Sundays, 11 AM – 5 PM.  If shopping inside the store, a mask must be worn as per the recent state mandate to minimize the spread of Covid-19.  If you don’t have a mask, we have some available at the check-out counter, along with complimentary vinyl gloves and hand sanitizer.  If you prefer to shop virtually, you may order online, or call the store with your order at 206-682-0679. No matter how you place an order, curbside delivery is available by request.  To place an online order, visit click the orange Order & Pick Up button on the home page.  A product list will pop up; you may place an order and designate a pickup day and time.    We will call you for credit card details when we receive the order and you’re set!

Curbside pickup zoneWe have a designated 15-minute free pickup and load zone in front of our store to assist with quick stops and on-line curbside pickups.  Elsewhere on the street, the City of Seattle is now charging for parking but only $.50 per hour.   Read here for the latest details about parking in Seattle during the pandemic.

We received a ton of new and re-stocked products last week, including Dona Juana chistorra, fuet, butifarra, Spanish olive oils, tinned fish and cheeses.  We’ve highlighted some of the new products below but don’t have space to describe everything.  Check our website or stop in at the store to see what else came in.

Licorne beerAlsatian beer:  We now carry Licorne (Unicorn) beer from Alsace.  Made since 1845 in Saverne, the brewery is proud of the purity of the ingredients.  Perfect with raclette!

Simon Coll chocolatesSimón Coll and Amatller chocolates: Simón Coll is a Spanish bean-to-bar producer that has been making chocolate the traditional way for 180 years in Catalonia.  Along the way, they’ve made discoveries which have improved their chocolates and given them a distinctive texture and flavor.  In 1972 Simón Coll acquired historic Barcelona chocolatier Amatller which was established in 1797 and was on the cusp of closing. Amatller has always reflected Barcelona’s high-quality artisanal and artistic traditions, reflected in gorgeous packaging, much of it Art Nouveau style.  Eating any of these chocolate bars is a pleasure.  Each bite offers up exquisite craftsmanship and intense, creamy flavor.  In stock now from Simón Coll are milk chocolate sardines, dark chocolate 85% or 99% Cacao, and Chocolate Amatller dark chocolate 85% Cacau from Ecuador or 70% Cacao from Ghana bars.

queso-casin-Casin Asturian Cheese DOP NEW – An Asturian raw cow milk cheese, made from the casina cow which is native to Asturias.  Traditionally made by kneading the curd with a rabilar machine, it has a powerful and somewhat spicy flavor, with the rustic aroma of cured butter, slightly bitter on the finish and persistent on the palate.   Give this a try!

la retortaCheeses back in stock:
Pasqualete La Retorta mini cheeses – A Worlds Best Cheese award winner, this raw sheep’s milk is the perfect size for 2-4 people. A torta-style cheese which is served by thinly slicing off the top and dipping a spoon or cracker into the luscious center.   Made with thistle rennet.
Rondin Frais Loire valley goat cheese:  This ash-covered log of goat cheese is soft-ripened with a sweet and tangy flavor.
Epoisses:  Funky and proud of it!  One of the famous cheeses of Burgundy, the rind is washed in Marc de Bourgogne, and is oozy-soft with notes of dirty socks.
Fougerus Brie – An artisanal brie made from cow milk, decorated with a fern leaf.   The scent of fern accents the earthy and sweet flavors of this creamy cheese.
Cremeaux de Bourgogne – Most people swoon when they taste this triple cream cow milk cheese.  Decadent, rich, and pillowy it is the ultimate comfort cheese.
Caprichevre – A fresh goat cheese from Spain with a crumbly texture.  Excellent in salads with fresh heirloom tomatoes.

Ostatu Rosado 2015Ostatu Rioja Rosè 2019 ($15.99)   Light and bright, Ostatu rosado is a quintessential refreshment.   Lively and crisp with notes of watermelon, wild strawberries and shot through with mineral notes, it is one of our favorite rosès.

 Saumur blancLes Epinats Lieu-dit Saumur blanc 2019 ($13.99)  100% Chenin Blanc, aged in stainless steel. This Lieu-dit’s vineyard plots have two main soil types; flinty soil that is shallow and pebbly called terre à silex and clay soils, less pebbly due to the silification of Jurassic limestone.   Les Epinats offers up a powerful bouquet with hints of lime and fruit. Full-bodied and suave on the palate, it is aromatic, rich, and fresh. Structured with a long aftertaste, it is excellent with cheese plates.

Casal Novo MenciaCasal Novo Mencia 2016, Valdeorras  SPECIAL PRICE- $12.99 (Normally $19.99)   100% Mencia, unoaked.  Fresh aromas of ripe red fruit and minerals. Shows notes of mushroom and tobacco with some spicy hints.  Bright and complex, this wine is silky on the palate with very low tannins which makes it incredibly easy to drink.  Dry, with a long and captivating finish, it could be served slightly chilled.

Doms Rhone VillageVignobles des Doms Cotes du Rhone Villages 2018     ($13.99)   A blend of 50% Grenache and 50% Syrah, this wine over-delivers for its modest price. Offers up concentration and richness with high-toned red fruit notes.  Medium-bodied with silky tannins and notes of white pepper, it shows great balance and drinkability. Excellent with grilled meats or charcuterie.

pan i tomatPan de Tomate is a simple, easy to prepare recipe that is ubiquitous in Spain, served for breakfast or as a tapa. Here in Seattle, it’s now the season to make this at home with fat, juicy tomatoes.  To prepare, toast slices of rustic baguette such as our torpedo bread which comes frozen from Spain. Cut a  ripe tomato into large pieces and rub the cut side over the bread, squeezing as much juice as possible into the toast.   Sprinkle with salt and drizzle flavorful Spanish olive oil over the bread, such as Merula EVOO or Pon’s Green EVOO and enjoy!  Or take it up a notch by adding sliced Manchego cheese or Jamon Serrano to the top.  Pan de Tomate is at its peak right now; make sure to enjoy this seasonal deliciousness.