We’ve got some enticing new products on our shelves that will inspire, satisfy and offer a change of pace.

Amargo-Chuncho BittersAmargo Chuncho Bitters:   The essential, original Peruvian bitters for making Pisco Sour cocktails.  Chuncho is a complex and well-balanced combination of over 30 various peels, herbs, roots, barks, and flowers from the Peruvian forest – including Quina and Sarrapia leaves – that are macerated then rested for six months in oak barrels.   “Packed with the cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice notes you’d expect from this style of aromatic bitters, Chuncho also brings a floral base mixed with cherry and cola syrup; a Pisco Sour isn’t the same without these.”  – Imbibe Magazine   Click Epicurious to view their Pisco Sour recipe.

Pralus pyramide-des-tropiquesPralus Mini Pyramide des Tropiques Chocolates:  François Pralus talks with passion about his enthusiasm for “real” chocolate: “You can talk about cocoa vintages just as you can for great wines. The Venezuela grade-up has a slight smoky taste, the Trinitario grade-up is woody, powerful and slightly sharp. Madagascar cocoa is fine and acidic and tastes of red fruit …”  Since travel is virtually impossible right now, take a world tour of ten countries of origin by tasting the different flavors of chocolate that make up the Mini Pyramide des Tropiques!   François Pralus seeks out the best cocoa beans in the world to make his chocolates; the Mini Pyramide contains 10 single-origin 75% Cacao dark chocolates.   A fantastic gift for a chocolate lover or yourself, it’s the best way to compare flavors and choose your favorite.

jose-gourmet-mackerel pateJose Gourmet Fish Pâtés:   These beautiful packages stand out on the shelf and the products inside are sensational.  Made from the highest quality, sustainably processed seafood, Jose Gourmet selects the best to carry their name. Select from classic Portuguese Sardine pâté, made from Atlantic and Mediterranean sardine fillets, olive oil, tomato, vinegar & spices, or Mackerel pâté with 54 % Mackerel, olive oil, tomato, vinegar, spices and salt.   Spread a tin of fish pâté on a baguette for a tasty sandwich.  The pâtés can also be mixed with extra virgin olive oil and tossed with pasta for a quick and healthy dinner.

Patagonia MackerelBack in stock:  Patagonia Provisions Lemon Caper Mackerel, Roasted Garlic Mackerel and Spanish Paprika Mackerel. Harvested from Spain’s Bay of Biscay by a community of small-boat fisherman, using hooks and lines without the need for bait (preserving bait for other types of fishing).  This method minimizes bycatch and  maintains the quality of the fish as they are individually released into bins rather than being crushed by a net.   Along with great quality, the flavor combinations are fantastic.

fall bags o'wineOur Fall Six-Bottle Bags O’Wine Are Here!
We’ve put together three new fall wine assortments for your quaffing pleasure. The prices of each 6-pack include a 10% wine discount, sales tax, and a reuseable 6 bottle wine tote.  We’ve got three combinations, one for every budget and occasion.
Our value wine 6-pack ($59.99) is a an all-new selection of white and red wines from Spain, France and Portugal.  We snap up some amazing bargains and pass on the savings!  This bag is an inexpensive way to try new wines and explore regions off the beaten path without spending a boatload of cash.
Our Staff Select 6-pack bag o’wine ($79.99) offers a step up in wine quality while still representing great value. This bag includes three red wines from different French A.O.C.s, two reds from Spain and a white Rioja.
Our Premium Select 6-pack bag o’wine ($129.99) consists of better wines with more complexity and depth than the lower priced selections.  It includes two stellar French white wines, a French red from A.O.C. Gigondas, two fantastic red Riojas and a full-bodied red Touriga Nacional from Portugal.    These hearty wines are perfect with fall dishes.

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