Paris-Madrid Grocery will be closed this Easter Sunday, April 4.  Have an enjoyable and safe holiday!
We will be open regular hours on Saturday April 3, from 10 AM – 6 PM.  Shop early for Easter brunch or dinner ingredients.

matiz boqueronesMatiz Boquerones are back in stock.   Boquerones are anchovies marinated in vinegar which turns them white.   The flavor is milder than a regular anchovy, and they are widely served in Spanish bars as a popular tapa.
You can make your own tapas assortment by combining boquerones, Spanish Table brand lemon-stuffed olives, Torres potato chips and a glass of chilled vermouth.  We recommend a classic red Spanish vermouth such as Lacuesta rojo or Yzaguirre rojo Autentica.

Scorpion BittersBennett Scorpion Bitters:  Make a spicy margarita or negroni with these Scorpion chile-infused bitters.  Hand crafted and inspired by the American Southwest, Scorpion bitters deliver a heat that dances across the palate in waves. This very spicy bitter never masks, but elevates paired flavors.   The result is an incomparable and unforgettable experience. Scorpion bitters are made of Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chile, Turbinado Sugar, Herbs and Spices.   There is an actual dried Manchurian Scorpion in each bottle which add depth and umami undertones.  Ethan shared his recipe for an incredible Scorpion Negroni, made with equal parts Mezcal, Lacuesta rojo vermouth and Campari with 5-8 drops of Scorpion bitters.

Blanc PescadorBlanc Pescador returns – A top selling white wine in Spain that pairs well with seafood paella or tapas is back in stock. Lightweight (11.5% alcohol) & aromatic, it is slightly fruity and delicately lively. It has a refreshing, light and clean palate with a slight spritz.