3 Kings with turron Epiphany or Three King’s Day is tomorrow, January 6th.  Called Reyes Magos in Spain, it commemorates the 12th day after Christmas when the Three Kings followed a star to bring gifts to the baby Jesus.   Celebrated in Europe, Latin America, and Australia with festive parades, Spanish children leave their shoes out the night before Reyes Magos and find them full of presents in the morning.  Paris-Madrid Grocery is stocked with plenty of Christmas sweets such as turron, Mantecados and Polvorone cookies, which make fantastic Three Kings Day gifts.  In France, Epiphany is celebrated with a special Galette des Rois, or King Cake which contains a féve, a tiny plastic or ceramic figurine.  The person who receives the féve in their piece of cake is named King or Queen for the day which might require them to provide next year’s galette.  Here in Seattle, you can usually order a King Cake from Le Panier in the Pike Place Market.

Raclette de Savoie IGP cheeseOur damp and cold January is perfect for Raclette, and we have a stunning IGP Raclette de Savoie cheese in stock. This raw cow’s milk Fromage is aged 3 months and has a fresh and unctuous mouthfeel.  Buttery and sweet it has fruity hints with a firm and supple texture.  Eat on its own or use in melted cheese sandwiches or of course, the dish Raclette.
It’s traditional to make Raclette for several people, with 1/3 to 1/2 pounds of cheese per person.  Serve the melted cheese over boiled or roasted potatoes, a variety of salami or cured ham, grilled onions, bread, cornichons, or anything else that whets your fancy.  If you don’t have a fancy tabletop Raclette grill, use clay cookware. Simply lay slices of cheese and desired vegetables or meats in a shallow cazuela or clay cooking tray available at Paris-Madrid Grocery. Heat the cheese assembly under a broiler until the cheese melts and starts to brown, then serve.
Wine Pairings:  Serve Raclette with a crisp white wine such as Domaine Jolly Chablis 2020 ($34.00) or Domaine de Reuilly “Les Fossiles” Sauvignon Blanc 2019 ($28.99).  A dry fino sherry such as Maestra Sierra Fino ($15.99/375 ml) would also be terrific.

Marble cheese slicerWe now carry marble cheese boards with a wire slicer.  A petite size, they are perfect for slicing and serving soft to firm cheeses.

baby cieA new shipment of the sweet Baby Cie children’s serving ware has arrived.   Made of melamine and available in many different themes, the sets include sippy cups, suction bowls, utensils, and plates. Very durable, BPA free and dishwasher safe.
Family Meal Barcelona

FamilyMealsBarcelona.com is an online cooking concept established by former Seattlite and cook Chris Pereira, now based in Barcelona.  Paris-Madrid Grocery has paired up with Chris to supply food and wine for the new cooking class series.  Chris has an impressive culinary background and will walk students through some approachable dishes that require basic skills; learn to prepare them without intimidation, condescension, or stress. Join Chris on Zoom from the comfort of your own kitchen, work with your own equipment, and have an experienced professional guide you along the way. The comfortable and relaxed journeys through the gastronomy of the Mediterranean are fun and informal, based on real on-the-ground experiences of authentic dishes.
Dishes & Wine covered include –
-Fideuá (Think paella with pasta and seafood)
-Paella Valenciana (Honoring Valencian tradition)
-Patatas Bravas (Staple bar tapa)
-Xató (Catalan salad featuring cured fish and rich peppery dressing)
-Intro to Cava: A Guided Tasting (origins and information)
Click FamilyMealsBarcelona.com for classes, times, information, and more.
@familymealbcn on Instagram for lots of fun food content.