chorizo Rioja

GRADUATION PARTY FOODS – If you’re hosting a backyard graduation party or Memorial Day gathering, you’ll be happy that we’ve just restocked our selection of cured sausages.  These are terrific when cooked over the coals!  Use a barbeque or go big and make a pile of coals on a non-flammable surface, as Bodegas Torremoron in Ribera del Duero does. Select a mixture of chorizo, morcilla, spicy merguez, butifarra and French-style bistro sausages from Paris-Madrid Grocery, serve on torpedo bread which are available in our freezer case.  Add condiments of your choice, from French mustard, romesco, or alioli sauce and you will have some tasty sandwiches. Summer seafood paella Another great option is to make a paella, which is also a great choice to serve to a group.   We’re fully stocked with paella rice, broth, spices and advice to help make this popular rice dish.

Jose Gourmet codfishAn inspiring discovery on our recent trip to Europe was Baccalà Mantecato or creamed cod, a Venetian specialty.   Traditionally made with dried but unsalted cod, the fish must be soaked for several days to rehydrate before using. Using dried salted cod in the recipe works equally well.   Paris-Madrid Grocery stocks dry salted cod from Canada, Portuguese tinned codfish in olive oil and garlic, and Spanish cod fillets with olive oil in jars.  The last two products will allow this recipe to be prepared the day it’s served.

Nieve Spanish goat cheeseNEWNieve de Cabra cheese: This soft-ripened goat cheese is made in the Extremadura region of Spain, inspired by French brie-style cheesemaking. Distinctly earthy, with notes of mushroom, truffle and woody hints, this cheese is creamy and soft without being goaty.  This is the perfect mild cheese to please a crowd, pairing possibilities are endless!

Kripta cavaKripta Brut Nature Cava Gran Reserva 2011, Saint Sadurni D’Anoia
($89.00) This benchmark cava is produced from vines that are 40-70 years old. Each bottle is hand-riddled & disgorged and spends 5+ years aging on the lees. Full of crisp green apple and nutmeg notes with balanced acidity, this masterpiece of a sparkling wine yields a creamy palate, silky with a complex finish of grilled toast and truffle. Incredibly versatile, pair it with everything from smoked meats and fish, American Sturgeon caviar or scrambled eggs with truffles.  95 points Guia Penin

Ameztoi RubentisAmeztoi Rubentis Txakoli Rosé, Getaria 2021 ($21.99)  Ameztoi Rubentis rosé is a 50-50 blend of the indigenous Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltza grape varieties, inspired by the historic claret style of wine which blends white and red grapes.  The backbone of the blend comes from an old Hondarrabi Beltza vineyard planted in 1840, preserved by the Ameztoi family for generations. The grapes ferment with indigenous yeast in stainless steel and age for 6 months on lees with bâtonnage. The tanks are kept chilled to near freezing before bottling, which preserves the wine’s delicate, effervescent character and signature mousse. With exceptional vibrancy and complexity, it is lifted and brightly skips across the palate.  Refreshing and food-friendly.

rezebal roseRezebal Txakoli Rosado Getaria ($14.99)  A super value, Rezebal produces a lovely, light-weight pink wine with a slight effervescence.  100% Hondarribi Beltza, hand harvested and fermented with native yeast, with no additives.  This is a really popular Txakoli rosé that usually sells out early in the season so get it now!

Txomin rosadoTxomin Txakoli Rosé, Getaria 2021 ($19.99)  100% Hondarribi Beltza, an indigenous grape of the Txakoli region,made with grapes planted from 1915 to 2000.  A delicious and lightweight Basque rosado with low alcohol (11%) that is perfect for brunch or day drinking. Fresh and dry with savory hints and a rich mouthfeel, it shows flavors of wild strawberry and melon.   Txakoli wines have a refreshing light spritz and are great with seafood!  Fermented with native yeast, aged 6 months in stainless steel with battonage. This historic estate has been in the Tueka family for generations; documents from Txomin show that the estate’s date back to 1649.

Croze CairanneDomaine Fond Croze AOP Cairanne 2019, ($18.99)  The Cairanne AOP in the Southern Rhône carries a Cru designation for its distinctive terroir and predominately old vines (over 30 years old) which produce reliable, full-bodied reds. “Half Grenache, with the balance split equally between Carignan and Mourvèdre, the 2019 Cairanne is dark and impenetrable in the glass, giving up just brooding aromas of blackberries and dark-skinned plums. It’s full-bodied and tannic at this stage, but the tannins are ripe, adding plush layers of textural interest and lingering gently on the finish. It should be a beauty by 2021.”  90-93 points Wine Advocate

La Grande ClotteChateau La Grande Clotte 2018 Lussac Saint Emilion 2018 $16.99  An amazing value, this red Bordeaux is structured and rich.  Medium to full bodied, it is fruity and powerful with a velvety texture.  Serve with grilled red meats or Wagyu burgers.  “A solid and fruity red with chewy tannins, lots of fruit and a deep finish. Extremely well done for this appellation.” 90-91 points – James Suckling

Creamed codBaccalà Mantecato recipe (adapted from Restaurante Cantina do Spade)  Using one jar of Spanish Akorta cod fillets in olive oil (200 grams) will make 6 servings.

Dried stockfish, 200 grams (already rehydrated for 24-48 hours in cold water) or 200 gram jar of Akorta cod fillets in jar
Extra Virgin Oil, 50 ml (if using dried fish)
Milk, 50 ml
Parsley, 1 sprig
1 garlic clove
Salt and pepper, to taste

Soak the stockfish in cold water for at least 24 hours, frequently changing the water.
After 24 hours, cut the stockfish in pieces and put it in a pan with cold water and 40 ml of milk.
Add a pinch of salt. Bring the fish to the boil and cook it for about 20 minutes.
Drain the stockfish, clean it, cut into small pieces and place it in a bowl.

alkorta cod filletsIf using Akorta cod fillets or Jose Gourmet tinned codfish, drain the oil and reserve.  Add the cod to 40 ml of milk and cook for 10 minutes.
Drain the cod, cut into small pieces and place in a bowl.

Stir the cod firmly with 10 ml of milk by using with a wooden spoon or a blender. Gradually add the oil (use the reserved oil if preparing with Akorta or Jose Gourmet cod).
You’ll get an appealing, dense and homogeneous cream. As a finishing touch, you can add finely minced parsley, garlic and pepper.
Serve on crostini or on toasted polenta.