Due to illness, we’ve had to reschedule the sherry tastings which were to begin this Saturday.  Our apologies for the change!  The new tasting dates are each one week later:
Saturday, March 25 we’ll be pouring dry sherries aged under flor, including Valdespino Tio Diego Amontillado (pictured).
Saturday, April 1 we’ll taste rich to sweet sherries aged without flor.
Each tasting runs from 1:30-3:30 p.m., both are on Saturdays, and the price is $5.00 per person for each tasting.  The line-up will include traditional styles along with special bottles from older soleras, to show how beautifully sherry develops with more aging.

Some favorite cheeses are back in stock:
monte enebro cheeseMonte Enebro – artisan goat cheese, coated in ash, pasteurized – gorgeous on a cheese plate, it has concentrated, sweet flavors.  Excellent with Hidalgo Manzanilla en Rama.
Queso Cabrales – raw cow milk blue cheese from Asturias – cave-aged, beautiful sharp flavor, intense, crumbly texture.  Fantastic with Alvear Añada PX sherry.
Queijo Serra da Estrela raw sheep milk from Portugal made with vegetable rennet – a creamy, soft, torta-style cheese. To eat, slice off the top and dip a cracker into the center. Heavenly with Valdespino Palo Cortado Viejo C.P.