Torremoron TempranilloRomaneira GouveioNeed wine for the weekend?   We’ll be pouring tastes of Quinta da Romaneira Gouveio, a white Portuguese Douro wine with well-structured freshness.  We’ll also be sampling Torremoron Ribera del Duero, an old-vines Tempranillo aged in stainless steel.   Both sell for under $20.00, are excellent summer wines and pair wonderfully with cheeses, charcuterie and grilled foods.  FREE.

New Arrivals:
Boneless Iberico Pork Ribs: 
Chop these ribs into bite-size pieces and add to your next paella for an amazing depth of rich flavor.  Or marinate, grill and serve with roasted potatoes and a salad of heirloom tomatoes, basil, EVOO and a triple-crème cheese such as Delice de Bourgogne or Brillat Savarin.  Easy and delicious!  Find these in our freezer.

serra da estrela cheeseSerra de Estrela Artesanal Portuguese Cheese is back in stock.  People like us fall in love with this famous cheese which Paris-Madrid Grocery special orders from Portugal.  Made from raw sheep milk coagulated with thistle rennet, slice the top off and eat the rich, gooey center with a spoon.  A decadent pleasure for your next picnic.

A short and sweet newsletter this week after the disruption of plumbing repairs which thankfully are over.  Stop in and see us!