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You can now order online to expedite shopping.  Simply click on the button below, select your items, and enter a pickup time.  We’ll confirm your order and call you for payment information.  (You may add other products at that time).   At the scheduled time, use the load zone in front of Paris-Madrid Grocery for quick and easy pickup.

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Paris-Madrid Grocery is a specialty retail shop located just below the Seattle Pike Place Market, featuring artisanal cheeses, pâtés, French-style charcuterie, Spanish-style chorizos and jamon iberico. We stock sherries, ports, and hundreds of wines from France, Spain and Portugal. We carry a range of shelf groceries, bomba rice for paella, cooking oils, imported vinegars, ceramics, clay cookware and paella pans.  Whether you need high quality staples, gifts for cooks, supplies for picnics, home or office parties, we’ve got you covered.




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